When should NeoCote be used over NeoTape wound dressing?

Dental procedures in which NeoCote or NeoTape can be used.

This will depend on the clinician, patient requirements and what they are trying to accomplish; some doctors will use them interchangeably.

We recommend that NeoTape be used in the following procedures: covering a palatal donor site covering suture sites placing over burn sites as a soft cover The thin tape-like design helps in areas that require a more intricate procedural covering.

We recommend that NeoCote be used in the following circumstances: covering Periodontal surgical wounds dealing with and covering oral ulcers, either non-infected or viral Dealing with denture sores as a cover under the overriding denture the thicker NeoCote, with its spongier shape, helps protect soft tissue better in some cases than NeoTape.