How can you use PentOS OI™ Putty in an orbital floor defect?

How to rebuild the orbital floor defect using a bone grafting product.

You can use PentOS OI™Putty in an orbital floor defect, at the apex of the sinus. You have to remember that PentOS OI™Putty is demineralized and will have a tendency to resorb quickly, so you may want to add a mineralized component such as Raptos®. This would be at the 'ceiling' of the sinus cavity but, anatomically, the floor of the orbit below the eye and I assume it would be reached through the sinus cavity.

Ideally, if they were using PentOS OI™ Putty, they would mix it with a mineralized component to add calcification and mechanical structure to the area. Healing time would be approximately six months.