Can PentOS OI™ Flex be used as a wall on a one wall defect?

Different applications for PentOS OI™ Flex.

The doctor may wish to use a bone veneer such as PentOS OI™ Flex instead. They could affix it in place, carefully and 'lag' with screws to reduce pressure and cracking, and have it act as a 'dam'; fill in the resulting void with regular bone graft material such as Raptos®, cover with a membrane (a Neomem® membrane would work as you have structure at both ends; wall at one end and PentOS OI™ Flex at the other).

You would have to be conscious of adequate blood flow to the grafted site, passive flap and membrane coverage and absolutely NO micromovement of the graft or PentOS OI™ Flex. Average healing time is also six months or more using this procedure.