Is there a correct orientation for Neoderm ADM?

More details on our Acellular Dermal Matrix solution.

Neoderm ADM has an up/down side. The down side (dermal) has a paper backing meant to protect the absorbent characteristics of the dermal matrix (note: the 10x10 size is backing free). After hydrating for at least 10 minutes in sterile saline, remove the paper backing and place this dermal side onto the wound bed. You should see a rapid absorption of blood from the wound bed into the dermal side as an indication that the correct side is in the ideal orientation.

Complete rehydration and orientation details can be found in the product's Instructions for use insert.

Acellular dermal matrix (ADM) is a soft connective tissue graft generated by a decellularization process that preserves the intact extracellular skin matrix. Upon implantation, this structure serves as a scaffold for donor-side cells to facilitate subsequent incorporation and revascularization.