There seems to be contradictions in the information available on the resorption time of the Monoglyc sutures, what does all of this mean?

Monoglyc's tensile strength versus absorption/resorption time.

One place references "Maintains 50% tensile strength for 14-28 days" another says "Absorbable in approximately 4 weeks (5/0)" and yet another states "Absorption is fully complete in approximately 90 days". Clinically, what does all of this mean?

The 90 days time frame is for the Monoglyc suture material to be 100% absorbed by the body so that there is no trace of the suture material.
The 4-week time frame is for the strength of the suture material to be sufficient to keep the flap closed without tension before it disintegrates further.
The 14-28 days time frame is the time that the suture retains 50% of its tensile strength.

  • 90 days - 100 % absorption
  • 4 weeks - enough strength to keep flap and incision line stable
  • 14-28 days - the range of time depending on the suture size

Did you know?

The Monoglyc sutures will absorb in five weeks for the 4.0, four weeks for the 5.0, and three weeks for the 6.0.