Is Raptos® radiopaque or radiolucent?

Visibility of allografts on X-Rays.

Dense structures show up on X-Rays. Depending on the composition of a bone graft it can range from totally radiolucent (does not show) to somewhat radiopaque. Due to the cortical bone structure around the graft site Raptos® typically does not show up on an X-Ray, however when the bone has consolidated, the new bone will show on the X-Ray.

Radiolucent – Refers to structures that are less dense and permit the X-Ray beam to pass through them. Radiopaque structures appear light or white in a radiographic image.

Cortical bone is 10% porous on average whereas cancellous bone is 80% porous. Cortical bone graft is easier to see on an X-Ray. Demineralized bone is virtually invisible to X-Rays.