Is it difficult to prepare Neoderm ADM for use?

Things to know and steps to follow before using Neoderm ADM.

It is quite easy to prepare Neoderm ADM for use, there are just a few steps to follow one by one. Warm saline solution(37°C) may reduce the time required for rehydration. Nevertheless, do not heat saline above 37°C. When rehydrating multiple pieces, ensure the pieces are not overlapping or clumping together as this may delay the process. Use multiple dishes, if necessary. Fully submerge Neoderm ADM by weighing it down, e.g., with sterile forceps. Using a sterile gloved hand or forceps, remove and discard the paper backing (the 10x10 size is backing free) once it separates from the tissue. Neoderm ADM is fully rehydrated when it is soft and pliable throughout. Neoderm ADM will appear to be of uneven thickness and have a mottled appearance if it is not fully rehydrated. Once Neoderm ADM is removed from the packaging, it should be rehydrated within 24 hours and can be stored up to 4 hours prior to use.  Neoderm ADM has an up/down side. The down side (dermal) has a paper backing meant to protect the absorbent characteristics of the dermal matrix. After hydrating for at least 10 minutes in sterile saline, remove the paper backing and place this dermal side onto the wound bed. You should see a rapid absorption of blood from the wound bed into the dermal side as an indication that the correct side is in the ideal orientation.