What are some post-operative guidelines for Neomem® Xac amnion-chorion membranes?

Guidelines after using Neomem® Xac

If the membrane is exposed to the oral environment, then for 3 days post-op please instruct the patient to avoid overly aggressive rinsing or swishing with any solution to avoid dislodgement of the membrane.

After 3 days, gentle rinsing with salt water is recommended for the next 7 days.

The patient should not use any oral rinses 10 days post-op. This includes antiseptics; chlorhexidine (Peridex®), chlorhexidine without alcohol, and other common oral rinses. Oral rinses can adversely impact the health of gingival cells, and chlorhexidine specifically may adversely impact the membrane. After 10 days post-op, the patient may begin using an oral rinse for plaque control.