Do I need to pre-clean my Dorma 99 respirator every time I clean it?

Dorma 99 cleaning frequency

The pre-cleaning step has been simplified. From now on, it is no longer necessary to complete this step, just clean the Dorma 99 respirator according to the user instructions. To learn more about decontamination/sterilization protocols, please read the User Instructions.

IMPORTANT: To optimize the life of the Dorma 99 respirator, clean the Dorma 99 respirator immediately after use: a maximum time frame of 4-6 hours is recommended.

DO NOT allow organic substances (blood, mucus, tissue, etc.) to dry on the Dorma 99 respirator or any of its components.

Did you know?

The Dorma 99 may be sterilized in an autoclave up to 20 times, decontaminated using a 30% hydrogen peroxide solution up to 30 times, or decontaminated in a Clean Flow Healthcare Mini up to 50 times.