Can Acellular Dermal Matrices (ADM) be used for gingival recession?

When Free Gingival Grafts (FTG) or Connective Tissue Grafts (CTG) aren't available, an ADM can be an option.

ADMs have been used for gingival recession situations where primary, relaxed flap coverage can be obtained to progressively build up the underlying and adjacent tissue. If you have a situation where the potential harvest site has insufficient tissue to provide adequate harvest volume, then an option exists in the form of acellular dermal matrices or ADMs. These are also referred to as acellular dermal membranes, and are identified in the marketplace as either ADMs or ACDs. Our version is known as Neoderm ADM. Neoderm ADM is decellularized to remove cellular components and to preserve the biologic properties that promote revascularization and repair.